Landscape Design Proposals in Eastbourne

At Nicholas Jones Tree Survey Experts, we can carry out landscape design proposals for properties based in Eastbourne. We have over 30 years of experience in the Arboricultural industry. We use our expertise to carry out thorough tree surveys, tree protection plans, risk landscape design and other services.

Our Landscape Design services ensure your design project meets your individual needs whilst protecting trees on the site.

Eastbourne Landscape Designers

Our landscape design proposals can ensure your project obtains planning permission from local planning authorities. Our landscape design services can help your project meet criteria such as landscape proposals, specifications and maintenance programme details. We understand how frustrating delayed projects can be, which is why we use our experience and expertise to ensure planning permission is attained sooner rather than later.

We can provide our landscape design services for commercial and residential properties. We can review your original design plan or come up with our own. Our aim is to develop a landscape design plan which meets your individual needs and meets the criteria of the local planning authorities.

Our plans are accurate, detailed and thorough, containing important information to the planning authorities. This way your plan is likely to be accepted the first time, creating savings of time and money.

Bespoke Landscape Design Projects

At Nicholas Jones, we offer professional advice and guidance when it comes to landscape design and other arboricultural services. Our experienced landscape designers have produced landscape design proposals for several commercial and residential properties throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding areas of Sussex.

Our detailed landscape design and landscape management strategies can make your dream landscape plans a reality. We can improve your development and ensure they meet the criteria of the local planning authorities, ensuring your plan can continue with minimal delays.

If you require our assistance with the landscape design or guidance on meeting criteria for planning permission, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ve been providing arboricultural services throughout Eastbourne for over 30 years.