Tree Protection Plans

Tree protection plans are usually drawn up during the arboricultural impact assessment, or soon after the assessment or the method statement takes place. This document will ensure that any retained trees and their root protection areas are safe from harm during the construction process. 

A tree protection plan will also ensure that the requirements of any tree preservation orders are adhered to, saving you time and money further down the line. To find out more, get in touch to see how we can help.

What is in a Tree Protection Plan?

A tree protection plan contains precise information on the location of remaining trees, and the tree protection measures that should be enforced to protect them from damage during the building process. 

The plan is usually drawn out on top of a site layout plan, as this shows the extent of the construction on site. This will clearly show where the root protection areas are on the site, as well as the construction exclusion zones around the retained trees.

Why are Tree Protection Measures Needed?

Clear tree protection measures should be outlined in order to avoid damaging the retained trees.

Upholding Tree Protection Standards in Construction Sites

All of our work is compliant with the latest recommendations from the British Standards Institution (BSI); BS5837:2012. This is the most recent version of the guidelines, and it contains information on tree care for landscape designers, arboriculturists, architects and more.

Adhering to these guidelines means that we always uphold the highest tree protection standards in construction sites. Including:

We understand requirements

We work precisely

We deliver best output

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