Tree Protection Plans in Mid Sussex

At Nicholas Jones, we are Tree Survey Experts who can carry out a number of tree survey services on several properties. We operate throughout Mid Sussex and the surrounding areas, such as East Grinstead, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill. Should you require our Tree Consultation services, please get in touch.

Tree Preservation in Mid Sussex

Tree protection plans usually take place during the arboricultural impact assessment of a property. Once this assessment has taken place, this allows us to protect retained trees and their roots during development and construction.

Tree protection plans ensure that all of the requirements of tree preservation orders are followed correctly. This not only helps protect the trees but also it can save money further down the line.

Tree stump with drill holes

Mid Sussex Tree Decay Detection

As well as protecting trees, Nicholas Jones Tree Survey Experts also protect employees and the public from dangerous, decaying trees.

Over time, trees begin to deteriorate which can cause hazards to public safety and can even damage existing buildings and infrastructure. We use modern technology to survey trees on-site and assess their level of decay. Using this information we can decide whether the tree poses a hazard and can take appropriate remedial action if required.

We can also maintain overhanging trees to prevent falling branches from harming workers and causing damage to property. We are accredited with appropriate health and safety procedures such as working from height and remove potentially hazardous branches whilst ensuring the protection of your workers and property.

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Our tree protection plan involves detailed information on the locations of remaining trees on your property. We use our experience and expertise to produce a site layout plan which prevents the trees from becoming damaged or harmed throughout construction.

Once your development is complete, any remaining trees will still be present at your property. We can carry out a free initial consultation for tree protection services in the Mid Sussex area. Feel free to get in touch today.