Landscape Design

In addition to our tree surveys, impact assessments and tree reports, we also offer landscape design services to clients in and around Sussex. With our experience in the arboricultural industry, you can ensure that your landscape design project meets your design needs whilst taking care of the trees on the site. 

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Experienced Landscape Designers in Sussex

We regularly provide our clients with detailed landscape design proposals to complement their projects. This can help you to obtain planning permission, as landscape proposals, specifications and maintenance programme details are often required by the local planning authority to make their decision. 

We have a wealth of experience working with businesses and individuals to bring help design plans to life. Our landscape designers will create a comprehensive plan for your site; providing essential and supplementary information for the local planning authority.

Submitting a thorough plan first time can help you to obtain planning permission faster, thus saving you time and money further down the line.

Bespoke Landscape Design Proposals

We have experience creating entire landscape designs and management strategies, to the creation of bespoke show gardens. We offer professional advice to make those plans a reality and to add real value, depth and maturity to new developments.

No matter how complex your request, we’re more than happy to help. Contact us today to find out more about our bespoke landscape design services.

Landscape Design from the Experts

We aim to make the design process as simple and as painless as possible. We will make sure all your design requirements  are outlined early on, thus helping you to save time and money further down the line. 

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