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Based in East Sussex we offer independent arboricultural consultancy services relating to trees and their management.  
We have extensive experience in the arboricultural industry and have been providing professional advice since 2000. With an impressive CV boasting a complete range of both academic and professional qualifications, we are best placed to provide you with the information you need to an exceptionally high standard.

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Tree Consultancy - Our Services

Trees and Development

Development can be riddled with complications and be a myriad of potentially costly delays if all factors are not adequately considered prior to progressing designs. The presence of trees on or adjacent to a potential development site is one such issue.

Mortgage Reports

An arboricultural report may sometimes be requested by an insurer or a mortgage lender, particularly if trees have been highlighted as a concern by a surveyor, or there is a history of tree related damage either at the property or in the neighbouring area.

Decay Detection

Our Picus 3 Tomograph tool enables us to measure the sound waves across the stem in order to detect decay and cavities. The speed of the sound waves varies with the elasticity and the density of the wood itself, with most damage and disease causing fractures, cavities or decay.

Tree Hazard Assessment

Tree hazard assessments are a proactive system for managing the potential liklihood of a tree causing harm or injury as a result of failure. Using our specialist GPS equipment, we can locate and plot your trees and provide detailed survey schedules and management plans.

Woodland Management

A woodland management plan gives land managers and woodland owners a structured way to organise the sustainable management of woods to a common industry standard. Whether you are seeking access to grants or applying for felling and thinning licences we can guide you through the process.


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