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Our expert team carry out tree surveys in East and West Sussex, as well as surrounding areas such as London, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire.

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We have over 30 years’ worth of experience in the arboricultural industry, so we have the expertise and knowledge to help your development or landscape design project run as smoothly as possible. 

By opting for Nicholas Jones Consultants for your BS5837 tree survey, you’ll get a swift, fuss-free consultation, followed by expert advice and a complete tree report for your review. Get started and book an appointment with our experienced tree surveyors in Sussex today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Surveys

If you’re new to the world of tree surveys and you’re not sure where to start, we’re more than happy to help. We’ve put together a few of the most commonly asked questions about tree surveys so you can find out more about our services.

What Is A Tree Survey?​

A tree survey should be only undertaken by a qualified tree surveyor or arboriculturalist. A tree surveyor will record information about the trees on or next to a plot of land or development site when they carry out a tree survey. 

There are several components of a tree survey, however, they generally include:

  • The location of all the trees on the site

  • The details about the trees on the site i.e. age, species, condition 

  • The details of any potential constraints that each tree could cause

What Is A BS5837 Tree Survey?​

BS5837’ is the reference for the British standard for trees in relation to design , demolition and construction – recommendations.. You may also see this written as ‘BS5837:2012’ as 2012 is the year that the standard was last updated. 

Here at Nicholas Jones Consultants, we provide BS5837 tree surveys for individuals and businesses through London and the south east. This means that your tree survey will comply with the latest British standard, and it will ensure that the trees on your site are taken care of in a way that will benefit you, the local environment and meet the needs of your planning authority. 

When Is A Tree Survey Required?

You must submit a tree survey when there are trees on, or adjacent to a development site that you want to build on. This is because it’s likely that the trees will need to be protected, and this can have an impact on your development project and the surrounding area. 

Tree surveys are to be completed before any proposals for development are put forward, as the outcome of the tree survey can help to highlight any potential issues that may come from existing trees that will be kept on the site. 

Tree surveys carried out after a detailed design has been prepared can identify serious conflicts. The survey may find that you need to make design changes, or possibly redesign your project as a result.

How Much Does A Tree Survey Cost?

The cost of a tree survey will usually depend on the number of trees that need to be assessed. It’s best to get in touch with our team directly by calling 01273 858826 to get an accurate cost for a tree survey.


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