Tree Surveys in Sussex

Tree Surveys

Our expert team carry out tree surveys in Sussex, as well as in surrounding areas such as London, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire.

What is a Tree Survey?

A tree survey should be undertaken by a qualified tree surveyor or arboriculturalist, who records information about the trees on or adjacent to a site.
The survey should comply with the British Standard 5837:2012, which relates to the design, demolition and construction of trees. 

When should I get a Tree Survey?

Some of the situations in which a tree survey can be useful includes the following: 
  • Demolition or construction projects
  • Landscape design
  • Planning applications
Tree surveys are to be completed before any proposals for development are put forward, as the result of the tree survey can help to highlight any potential issues arising from existing
trees that will be kept on the site. 
Tree surveys undertaken after a detailed design has been prepared can identify significant conflicts. The survey may find that significant design changes are required as a result.

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How much does a Tree Survey cost?

The cost of a tree survey will usually depend on the number of trees that are due to be surveyed. It’s best to get in touch with our team directly
by calling 01273 858826 to give you an accurate cost for a tree survey. 

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