Tree Surveys in Wealden

At Tree Survey Expert, we provide thorough tree surveys across Wealden and the surrounding areas. If you require a tree survey for potential development plans in Wealden or the surrounding areas, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Nicholas Jones consultants are experts within the arboricultural industry. With over 30 years of experience, we have been carrying out tree surveys and other tree assessments for a variety of development plans across Wealden.

We carry out BS5837 tree surveys on residential and commercial properties. Our tree surveys comply with the latest British standard, so rest assured any tree surveys on your site will meet the needs of your planning authority.

BS5837 Tree Survey

Tree surveys are required when there are trees present on a development site where construction is planned. The trees may need to be protected, which could mean delays for the development project.

At Nicholas Jones Tree Survey Experts, we understand how costly delays can be to development projects. This is why we use our expertise to ensure any tree surveys are carried out efficiently, so your project can gain approval from the local authorities.

We’d recommend having a tree survey before carrying out a detailed design of your development project. Whether the purpose of the development is design, demolition or construction, the presence of exiting trees may affect the design of your project. Surveying trees on the property before designing the development could mean you don’t have to redesign or reassess your original project

How does a tree survey work?

Should you require a tree survey for a development site, Nicholas Jones Tree Survey Experts can send a qualified arboriculturalist to review your site. This will involve the tree surveyor recording:

  • Location of the trees
  • Details of the trees – eg. species, age, condition
  • Any potential constraints the trees could cause

Using this information we will then produce a tree report containing the results of the tree survey and our recommendations for the next steps.

If you require our tree consultation services in Wealden, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer a thorough and efficient service to ensure your development runs smoothly and quickly.