Mortgage Tree Report

What is a Mortgage Tree Report?

Mortgage insurers or lenders occasionally request a mortgage tree report if local trees have been highlighted as a concern by a surveyor, or if there is a history of tree-related damage either at the property or in the neighbouring area. 

This can help to highlight any risks to the property and inform solutions that can minimise or eliminate these problems, whilst making the home-buying process that little bit easier.

Why is a Mortgage Tree Report important?

We understand that buying your own home is possibly the largest single purchase you will ever make and we appreciate that both money and time are important factors in the process.

That’s why we offer three levels of mortgage tree reports to ensure that you meet your budget and the needs of both your insurers and lenders. Following your initial enquiry, we will provide you with a timely response detailing the costs and requirements associated with each type of report, so you can decide which is right for you.

Mortgage Tree Reports in East and West Sussex

Our team is based in Lewes, Sussex, however, we also provide services throughout Kent, London, Hampshire and Surrey.

We will keep you updated on our findings every step of the way and will aim to provide you with a finalised report within a maximum of 5 days from instruction. Call us on 01273 858826 for more information.

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