Air Spade Services

Air Spade

Our air spade is an excellent addition to our services for tree management on development sites and construction projects.

What can an Air Spade do?

Using an air compressor, the air spade directs a 1200mph jet of air displacing the soil and allowing excavation without the need for digging tools. This ensures that there is no damage to any root growth encountered and no risk to any underground services.

‘When do I need an Air Spade?’

The air spade can be used in the following scenarios:
  • Pre-planning root investigation on development sites to justify adjustments to Root Protection Areas.
  • Root pruning on development sites, to excavate and prune root growth before constructing foundations.
  • To de-compact the soil without the risk of further damage to the underlying roots.
  • To assess the structural integrity of tree roots along with their physiological health.
  • Improving the soil by allowing the cultivation of soil beneath trees, and the addition of soil conditioners to improve nutrition and drainage.
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