Air Spade Hire

We offer air spade hire services to businesses and individuals in and around Sussex. This can help you to properly assess a development or construction site, without damaging tree roots or underground services. 

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What is an air spade?

An air spade uses an air compressor that directs a 1200mph stream of air into the ground to displace the soil, without the need for digging tools. This prevents unnecessary damage to tree roots, land and essential underground works. 

An air spade is a simple but effective piece of equipment that will help you to assess the underground works, soil and trees on a development site, with minimal risk.

Why use an air spade?

The air spade can prove useful in many situations, including: 

Air Spade Hire in Sussex

An air spade is invaluable in situations where tree roots or underground services could be damaged by conventional digging tools. When you hire an air spade, you’ll get a team of experienced arboriculturalists to help you assess the area too. 

Our team has a wealth of experience with trees on construction sites, tree impact assessments, tree decay detection and more. This means that we have the skills and expertise to help you complete your project without delay.

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